butterfly art

مرحبا بك في منتديات فن فراشه للتصميم

الاعضاء الاعزاء ارجو ان لا تكتب الا المواضيع المفيده والجيده وتذكر ان الله يراك.
منتدى للمبدعين فقط.

butterfly art

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اعزائي الاعضاء المنتدى بدونكم لايكون له بريق فجميعنا هنا اسره واحده فاجعله بيتك الثاني وباقي الاعضاء اسرتك فالاحترام يجب ان يكون متبادل بينناوسوف تدوم المحببه ان شاء الله فاجعلوا التواصل دائم ولا تقطعوا زيارتكم لنا
للاعلان في منتديات فن فراشه للتصميم ارجو ارسال رساله خاصه   لمؤسس الموقعbutterfly toota او عن طريق استمارة اتصل بنا بالاسفل

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من أقوى الأسطوانات التعليمية في cinema 4d

CmiVFX Ultimate Learning System VOL 6

CmiVFX Ultimate Learning System VOL 6
6.52 GB | HF & FS LINKS

Description of the distribution:
This video was created to help extend the tool sets of standard Cinema 4D artists to encompass one of the most popular software modules on the planet, Mograph and Modynamics. cmiVFX breaks down each tool one by one with fast and easy chapter references designed for even faster muscle memory. cmiVFX continues to deliver the training and content you need, quickly, efficient and affordably. When it comes to high end CG and VFX training, there is only once choice... cmiVFX! This video is available today at the cmiVFX store for a Special Introductory Price!
The Cloner Object, Our New Best Friend
Take a look at the cloner object in each of its four different forms; examine the basic parameters and the way the cloner object creates its clones. The cloner object is one of the primary tools utilized in the Mograph module and can be integrated with every other tool within the module. Understanding its basic functions is crucial to working with and understanding the others.

Intro to Effectors
Take a broad look at each of the different effectors. Effectors are used to control and animate position, scale, and rotation parameters and can be used to control any object with an effectors tab (the majority of the Mograph objects). Their ability to control more than one object (multiple cloner objects for example) allows for complex animation with very little set up.

Intro to Modynamics
A favorite aspect of the Mograph 2 module, Modynamics allows for complex rigid-body dynamic simulations that can be set-up instantly and adjusted infinitely. Modynamics can simulate from dominoes falling to glass shattering with unparalleled ease and speed. A breakdown of the basic setup and a couple of examples will get you on your way to creating phenomenal dynamics.

The Other Objects
Learn more about other objects including the Matrix, Text, Fracture, and Instance Objects. Explore the differences and similarities of the Matrix and Cloner objects as well as how to use them in tandem. Mograph's Text Object is an incredibly powerful way to generate text which the spline text tool simply cannot contend with. The Fracture Object allows for animated (or dynamic) deconstruction and separation of polygonal objects and the instance objects is great for creating trails of objects.

Mograph's Spline Tools
The spline tools offered by Mograph are examined briefly here with a basic overview of their creation and a couple of ideas for using them. They are extremely useful for creating splines from motion (creating spline trails from each vertex of a moving object for instance) or for generating organic and repetitive splines that can be cloned and even effected by forces or dynamics.

Mograph's Deformation Tools
The deformation objects allow for extremely powerful deformations of any object. From the displace deformer, which creates visible (in the viewport) deformations based on shader channels to the spline wrap, which can align or stretch objects along a spline. These tools create very easy shortcuts to problems that would have needed to involve much more complex solutions otherwise.

About the Instructor
Paul Agostinelli is a Rochester NY based artist. A recent graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology's Metalsmithing and Jewelry program in the School for American Crafts, he specializes in large-scale, interactive installation work. His undergraduate thesis spanned many different media from fabricated steel, to hand-built interactive electronic and digital devices. He is currently working as a freelance artist and enjoys working with Cinema4d for the motion-graphics and VFX industries

Download links
hotfile.com MoGraph_ULS6.part01.rar.html
hotfile.com MoGraph_ULS6.part02.rar.html
hotfile.com MoGraph_ULS6.part03.rar.html
hotfile.com MoGraph_ULS6.part04.rar.html
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hotfile.com MoGraph_ULS6.part27.rar.html
hotfile.com MoGraph_ULS6.part28.rar.html
hotfile.com MoGraph_ULS6.part29.rar.html
hotfile.com MoGraph_ULS6.part30.rar.html
hotfile.com MoGraph_ULS6.part31.rar.html
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password: neit84

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