butterfly art

مرحبا بك في منتديات فن فراشه للتصميم

الاعضاء الاعزاء ارجو ان لا تكتب الا المواضيع المفيده والجيده وتذكر ان الله يراك.
منتدى للمبدعين فقط.

butterfly art

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اعزائي الاعضاء المنتدى بدونكم لايكون له بريق فجميعنا هنا اسره واحده فاجعله بيتك الثاني وباقي الاعضاء اسرتك فالاحترام يجب ان يكون متبادل بينناوسوف تدوم المحببه ان شاء الله فاجعلوا التواصل دائم ولا تقطعوا زيارتكم لنا
للاعلان في منتديات فن فراشه للتصميم ارجو ارسال رساله خاصه   لمؤسس الموقعbutterfly toota او عن طريق استمارة اتصل بنا بالاسفل

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 Master Bundle Collection

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عضو متميز
عضو متميز

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مُساهمةموضوع: Master Bundle Collection   السبت 26 سبتمبر 2009, 01:34

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
Photoshop CS4. Alien Skin Software: Master Bundle Collection (Update 7.09.2009
Photoshop CS4. Alien Skin Software: Master Bundle Collection (Update 7.09.2009) | 311.67 Mb
Collection 2009 for CS4 | Alien Skin Software, LLC | Windows XP, Vista, Se7en | ra

Bokeh 1.0.2 the New filter is intended for bringing in of attention to the certain object on a picture. Will allow you not buying expensive lenses, such as as Canon EF 85mm f/1.2 II and Nikon 105mm f/2.8 Macro, to obtain the excellent effect of razmytiya for the concentration of attention of spectator on the selected object. Through his it is possible to add the effect of depth of sharpness on an image, do a vignette or underline a main object by accessible another way.

Blow Up 2.0.2 New plagin offers the high-quality change of sizes of images, the best what bicubic interpolation. Plagin, at the change of size of image, saves smooth clear edges and lines, and creates fourfold (1600%) increases without appearance of step artefaktov and luminescences. On occasion Blow Up allows to increase an image in six times without visible artefaktov

Snap Art 2.0 Nabor of filters, intended for converting of pictures into pictures or pictures, drawn from a hand in different styles. Snap Art contains the large enough set of preforms, which enable one mouse click to create pictures, written with butter or drawn coal, water-colour, crayons, pen or inks, by the crayon pieces of chalk, and also in style of comics, puantilizma and impasto (imposition of paints a thick layer).

Image Doctor 2.0 a set is offered to Attention of users from five high-quality filters: Dust and Scratch Remover, JPEG Repair, Blemish Concealer, Skin Softener and Smart Fill. The offered set allows to execute more difficult operations, related to the delete of undesirable objects, retouching and other of Smart Fill removes large artefakty ( figures of people on landscape, sign-boards, garbage in a grass — and substitutes for them the fragment of background), while Scratch Remover is intended for work 

Exposure 2.0 is Positioned a producer as an instrument for professional photographers. Allows to give a digital picture an effect it is "taken off on tape of Fuji Velvia 100f" (even with imposition of grain, characteristic for such tape), or to help to transform an image in cherno-beloe or duotone, to make old a picture, or to produce cvetokorrekciyu of picture.

Eye Candy 5.1 Nature It is one of the best additions for Photoshop in the area. Using numerous purveyances, accessible for every filter, you will be able to create the most intricate natural effects for the counted minutes. Consists of 10 filters, for creation of fire, smoke, rzhavcheny, snow, ice and other great deal: Corona (crown); Drip (flowings down drops); Fire (fire); Smoke (smoke); Squint (passing glance); Water Drops (drops of water); Icicles (icicles); Ripples (shrivel); Rust (blight); Snow 

Xenofex 2.1.2 It is collection of the special inspired effects which will give new energy to any graphic project. It is yet never impossible it was so easily to create natural effects and difficult distortions. Nabor of plaginov for Photoshop, allowing to do different designer effects, for example, through him it is possible to create lightnings in the background, to add the effect of mozayki, convert your picture into the crushed scrap of paper and burn out it on edges.
It is yet far not all list of effects...

[ندعوك للتسجيل في المنتدى أو التعريف بنفسك لمعاينة هذا الرابط]
[ندعوك للتسجيل في المنتدى أو التعريف بنفسك لمعاينة هذا الرابط]
[ندعوك للتسجيل في المنتدى أو التعريف بنفسك لمعاينة هذا الرابط]
[ندعوك للتسجيل في المنتدى أو التعريف بنفسك لمعاينة هذا الرابط]


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المشرف العام
المشرف العام

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مشكور خيو

ويعطيك الف عافيه

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Master Bundle Collection
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